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What is Airsoft ?

▞ Airsoft is a sport where players shoot plastic ball bearings (plastic BBs) at each other. Airsoft guns are battery powered or gas powered. Typically, airsoft guns are 1:1 replicas of military weapons: replica model 1911 pistols, M9 pistols; replica M4s and M16s, AK-47s, SG 550 variants, AUG, Scar, G36 variants; replica Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, GLOCK, Ruger, FN, est. Airsoft players also wear replica military gear or their civilian clothing. Face shield, plate carriers, M.I.C.H. helmets, N.V.G. helmets, foregrips, tube stocks, inner barrels, picatinny rails, Molle weaves, eye goggles, gloves, B.D.U. camo, knee pads, elbow pads, boots, etc.

The term "mil-sim" became popular in airsoft. "Mil-sim" stands for Military-Simulation. Mil-sim means players gear up as realistic as possible. In mil-sim players uses military B.D.U.s, replica military gear, military modeled airsoft guns, and military communication. *Mil-sim players cannot use "high-cap" magazines. Mil-sim players must use small-cap magazines. Small-cap magazines replicate the number of live rounds in a gun powder firearm. A gun-powder assault rifle typically uses a 30 round magazine. A gun-powder pistol typically uses a 8 -12 round magazine. Small-cap means to use 30 round airsoft rifle magazine and 10 round airsoft pistol magazine. Airsoft mid-cap magazines hold 30-120 rounds.

The spelling terms "hop-up", "hop up", or "HopUp" comes from airsoft. "Hop-up" refers to one internal part inside the airsoft gun. The "hop-up" needs to be adjusted to sight your airsoft gun. Inside the upper receiver of the airsoft rifle is the inner barrel. Attached to the inner barrel is something called the "hop-up". The "hop-up system" allows BBs to spin faster. When the BB travels down the barrel, the BB will spin faster and faster allowing the airsoft gun to fire long distances. Adjust your airsoft gun's "hop-up system" to your airsoft gun's crosshairs will increase accuracy when aiming down sights and will set your shooting distance.

The term "high-cap" became popular in the airsoft community. "High-cap magazines" hold a large number of ammo and at the bottom of a high-cap magazine is a wheel you have to spin while firing your rifle. While you shoot your airsoft gun, you have to take your hand off your foregrip and spin the bottom of the high-cap mag.