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What are Soft-Darts ?

  ▞ Soft-Darts are foam bullets. Soft, cushion like darts that shoot out of plastic "toy" guns. Brands like NERF, Dart Zone, and X-Shot sell "toy" guns, magazines, clips, lights, and scopes. These soft-dart guns release air shooting out a foam darts. 

What is Laser Tag ?

  ▞ Laser Tag is an arena that has checkpoints and bases. Each player wears a vest and holds a light shooting gun. Shoot someone with your laser gun and their vest will spark with colors marking that they have been shot. A computer syncs together all the vests, laser guns, and checkpoints. When the round ends, each player's kills, deaths, and points are added up by a computer. Typically a laser tag arena is dark, uses black lights, and is filled with fog/smoke. The arena's buildings are made up of pillars, windows, and stairs. There are also checkpoints and bases so players can capture objectives. Laser tag has multiple objectives like Attack and Defend, Capture the Point, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, est.

What is Paintball ?

  ▞ Paintball is a sport using guns that shoot out balls filled with paint. The paint ball cracks on impact, and paint splatters everywhere. When a player is shot, the paint ball cracks on impact, and paint splatters onto the player marking they have been shot. Typically, player's objective is Team Deathmatch, shoot the entire enemy team until there is no more enemy players. Players can also play Capture the Flag, Capture the Point, and Attack and Defend.  The term " speed ball " comes from the paint ball community. In speed ball, players "run and gun" in a small C.Q.B. arena.  Speed ball is basically trench warfare in a C.Q.B. arena; poke your head out to shoot, hold your line of sights, and exchange fire with the enemy team.

What is Airsoft ?

  ▞ Airsoft is a sport where players shoot plastic ball bearings (plastic BBs) at each other. Airsoft guns are battery powered or gas powered. Typically, airsoft guns are 1:1 replicas of military weapons: replica model 1911 pistols, M9 pistols; replica M4s and M16s, AK-47s, SG 550 variants, AUG, Scar, G36 variants; replica Sig Sauer, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, GLOCK, Ruger, FN, est. Airsoft players also wear replica military gear or their civilian clothing. Face shield, plate carriers, M.I.C.H. helmets, N.V.G. helmets, foregrips, tube stocks, inner barrels, picatinny rails,  Molle weaves, eye  goggles, gloves, B.D.U. camo, knee pads, elbow pads, boots, etc. The term "mil-sim" became popular in airsoft. "Mil-sim" stands for Military-Simulation. Mil-sim means players gear up as realistic as possible. In mil-sim players uses military B.D.U.s, replica military gear, military modeled airsoft guns, and military communication. *Mil-sim players cannot use

LaserPaintSoft is a website about...

▞ LaserPaintSoft is a website that revolves around:  1) Laser Tag   2) Paintball   3) Airsoft   4) Soft-Darts ( e.g. Nerf )   5) Any activity where you safely aim and safely shoot at another person using light, paint, plastic, or foam ammo.  This website is not about the newest release products. LaserPaintSoft is about sports in which players safely aim and safely shoot each other using a gun. Weather players shoot each other using lasers, lights, air, gas, plastic, paint, or foam. Click on the categories at the top of the website to see articles about each kind of shooting sport.    LaserPaintSoft